More Birthday Jingles..

With the prince by her side

drenched in love through the core

the princess lives on happily

this is how goes the folklore

May Sunny and bright be each day

with fun , laughter and cheer

We wish you a happy Birthday

with a toast of champagne and Beer!!!…MNJ



Baadal to chhaye aasmaanon mein

kabhie to barsaat hogi

Aankhon se dooor per hai khayalon mein

tujh mein kuch to baat hogi

khidki se zaraa jhaank bahar

chahney walon ki qatar hogi

rehta tha kavi aish aaraamon mein

dekh terey pyar mein ban gaya jogi….!!..MNJ

16 July 2014


Do ratanon ka gaatey gaan

bolo unmein kya samaan

dono ka janmdin sath sath

gaur se sun lo meri baat

dono ke naam ka ant hai “i”

Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai

dono ki kitni meethi boli

ab kisney yaadon ki pitari kholi

dono ki poori ho her aarzoo

Pi-Mi, Happy B’day to you !

9 March 2014



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